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"Make your own luck. Put on a show. If you fall, let them remember how you turned it into a dive."

Unknown Advice

"May I remind you of the famous dictum of General Tacticus: 'Those who desire war, prepare for war'?"

Unknown Politics, Power

"What the Iron Maiden was to stupid tyrants, the committee is to the wise; less messy, considerably more efficient, and, best of all, you had to force people to climb inside the Iron Maiden."

Unknown America, Advice, Hubris

"We didn't intend the Empire. It just became a bad habit."

'Making Money'

Terry Patchett Hubris, Politics, Power

"Legislation won't change the heart, but it will restrain the heartless."

Martin Luther King Jr. Politics

“Voting” and “elections” serve the same purpose as the steering wheel on Maggie Simpson’s car seat."

Unknown Politics

"When the Catholic Church decided that adultery was impossible to stop, it made divorce impossible to obtain"

Unknown History, Politics, Religion

In the Story of Al Smith, the great reformist governor of New York, who gradually turned into a narrow-minded economic conservative and bitter critic of F.D.R. H. L. Mencken explained it thusly:

“His association with the rich has apparently wobbled him and changed him. He has become a golf player.”

H.L. Mencken Wealth, Politics