Wicked Potato Salad with Dill


Wicked Potato Salad with Dill by Bettina Campolucci Bordi Yield Serves 4-6 as a sharing dish You can’t deny yourself a good potato – fact! Especially if it is a potato salad that has the added goodness of nuts, lentils and greens. You simply can’t go wrong. Ingredients 85 g (3 oz / 1/2 cup) beluga...

Banana-Mint Salad


Banana-Mint Salad Author Notes: This recipe is very slightly adapted from the one in *Cuba: The Cookbook* by Madelaine Vazquez Galvez and Imogene Tondre. It was a very popular meal at the Eco Restaurant El Bambú at the National Botanical Garden in Havana. Firm, not ripe, bananas are best for this...

Classic Potato Salad


Classic Potato Salad by Trine Hahnemann Yield Serves 4 Potato salad in summer, made with new potatoes, is a favourite among most people in Scandinavia. I like new potatoes and eat them often during the season. If they are newly dug, I don’t need anything with them other than some salted butter and...

Winter Cauliflower Salad


Winter Cauliflower Salad by Domenica Marchetti Yield Makes 6 to 8 servings Although you can enjoy this salad at any time of year, I find that its refreshing crunch is especially welcome in winter, when the foods we (or at least I) eat tend to be of the rich, stick-to-your-ribs sort, such as stews...

Waldorf Salad


Waldorf Salad by Erin French Yield Serves 4 My mom would make a version of this classic salad all the time when I was growing up, often to accompany baked beans and “red snappy” hot dogs as a sneaky way to get in some fruits and veggies. I still love the combination of flavors, but now I like to up...


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