If you are looking for my Woodworking Site... Sorry. I have since retired and really hated to take it down but the site was running on an outdated Drupal build requiring an deprecated PHP build. Plus, the theme is abandoned, so the process of updating it is more trouble than it is worth.

The site was up since 1992 and there is quite a bit of hard won knowledge there that might prove of value to some. I have gotten it running as a Docker container, but as yet I have not found a way to run it on my hosting service. If anyone can offer any advice on getting it running here, send me a note using the contact form.


I have kind of gotten into the habit of having a website and even though now I really have no reason whatsoever to have one, I put up this site anyway and hope to find a purpose eventually. Now that I work for the Government (...I do get a check from them every month) I can spend all of my time satisfying my curiosity, so perhaps I will use this site to document some of my experiences. There's a lot of crazy shit on the Internet so whatever winds up here probably won't be so strange.

Check back sometime or use the contact form and leave a comment.


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