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Quote 218

"It is in the nature of democratic institutions, that they presuppose at least a minimal willingness to abide by the rules of democratic principles.  But it is extremely dangerous, either in the name of "civility" or "bipartisanship," to yield to those who seek nothing less than the destruction of democracy—a point drivin home by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels's harsh reference to the "stupidity" of democracy, Goebbels proclaimed: "It will always remain one of democracy’s best jokes that it provided its mortal enemies with the means by which it was destroyed."

                     -- The Coming of the Third Reich

Quote 28

"We knew we were absolutely right about what was good for Germany and our opposition was therefore wrong, so why would we have tolerated any opposition that could have only done harm to Germany?"

             -- Göring before the Nuremberg court.