1. How much does it cost to have a piece of custom furniture made?

2. I love that one table, but I like plain wood; …and maybe a base that is a little more interesting; …and could you make the top asymmetrical; …and could it be just a little larger; …and could you do it for the same price?

3. If I want something built, what is the process?

4. If I give you a budget, aren't you just going to come up with price that spends all my money?

5. Can your work be shipped?


Question #1

All together now: "It Depends".

Most of the time involved in building custom is spent in the design process. Interpreting what the Client is asking for, coming up with an idea that addresses those needs, engineering the idea, drawing it up for very easily exceed the time it takes to build something. The more clearly you can present your ideas to me, the less time it takes. If you can provide some kind of sketch,or a picture of something that is similar to what you have in mind, the less time(expense)is involved.

Excluding the cost of design, many times the price will be comparable to what you would expect to pay for a high quality non-custom piece. Keep in mind how many times furniture has been marked up by the time it reaches the retail store.

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Question #2

Sure; sure; sure; unlikely, but maybe. Very few things can not be changed. If we can figure out what you want,we can probably do it. If you will provide us with your budget, we will try and design something that meets as many of your needs as possible. Changing that Birdseye Maple that costs $20/b.f., for Curly Maple at $7/b.f. might be one option. Simplifying the design might be an option. There are lots of options. If your budget is totally unrealistic, we'll tell you.

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Question #3

When you contact us, be as specific as you can about what it is you want. We will probably have some additional questions, including budget. If you know exactly what you want and have sent us a drawing or picture, or if you want some variation of something you've seen on our Website, we will quote a price.

If you want us to design something and/or generate drawings, we charge a retainer, in advance, for this
service. The fee is based on my best guess on the time involved. The drawings are yours and can be used to get other bids if you desire. If you have us build the project, the design fee will be credited against the purchase price.

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Question #4

Most of the time, yes. If you have a budget of $3000, my assumption is that you are expecting something somewhat different than if your budget is $500. If we were to quote you a price of $3000 for what you believe is a $500 item, we'd be betting that you are a fool, and since we don't even know you, that would be a stupid bet.

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Question #5

Certainly. If it is too big for UPS, we can crate for Common Carrier.

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