Veneer Samples - Figures

In all wood veneers there are innumerable variations and combinations that may occur between one figure and another and within any species. These plates are only intended, therefore, to approximate the appearance of what is desired and what is available. They should not be considered swatches of something man-made like fabric or wallpaper. Each tree is one of a kind, and its wood, influenced by variables as far-reaching as location, local climate and soil conditions, even weather patterns throughout the tree's life will affect the final appearance of the veneer..

These samples shown after finishing.

    [ Samples should always be requested. ]

Plate 1: Mahogany - Crotch Figure Plate 2: Eucalyptus Quartered - Beeswing Plate 3: Makore Quartered - Block Mottle
./sites/default/files/images/Plate1.jpg (20K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate2.jpg (25K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate3.jpg (27K)
Plate 4: Anegre Quartered - Block Mottle Plate 5: Makore Quartered - Large Block Mottle Plate 6: Anegre Plain Sliced - Fiddleback
./sites/default/files/images/Plate4.jpg (17K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate5.jpg (15K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate6.jpg (14K)
Plate 7: Anegre Plain Sliced Plate 8: Sapele Plain Sliced - Narrow Heart, Stripy Edges Plate 9: Makore Quartered - Fiddleback
./sites/default/files/images/Plate7.jpg (14K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate8.jpg (18K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate9.jpg (25K)
Plate 10: Sycamore Quartered - Fiddleback Plate 11: Anegre Quartered - Fiddleback Plate 12: Mahogany Quartered - Mottled
./sites/default/files/images/Plate10.jpg (13K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate11.jpg (27K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate12.jpg (35K)
Plate 13: Anegre Quartered - Plain Plate 14: Makore Quartered - Plain Plate 15: Mahogany Quartered - Broken Stripe
./sites/default/files/images/Plate13.jpg (18K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate14.jpg (12K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate15.jpg (34K)
Plate 16: Mahogany Quartered - Wide Broken Stripe Plate 17: Gaboon Quartered - Rope Figure Plate 18: Gaboon Quartered - Rope Figure, Book Match
./sites/default/files/images/Plate16.jpg (36K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate17.jpg (33K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate18.jpg (34K)
Plate 19: Makore Rotary - Blister Figure Plate 20: Sapele Rotary - Pommele Figure Plate 21: Maple Rotary - Curly Figure
./sites/default/files/images/Plate19.jpg (24K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate20.jpg (40K) ./sites/default/files/images/Plate21.jpg (27K)
Plate 22: Maple Rotary - Birdseye with Figure
./sites/default/files/images/Plate22.jpg (31K)