What's New

Well, this whole site is new; ...sort of.

FiskLib1_sm (31K)We have decided to put the focus more on the furniture aspect of our business, and the site has be redesigned with this in mind.

As for this page specifically, the plan is to use this space for a dry run of things that we have had in mind for some time, but never got around to doing because the old site was such a bear to update. This new format should be much easier to keep up with.

One example:

Since apprenticeship programs are all but dead in our culture, I have been looking for a way to pass on hard won information, tips, techniques and such, pertaining to a craft that is not exactly widely practiced. Hopefully, in time, as others interested in, or even better, practicing, this type of craft, stumble onto this site, it will evolve into a medium for sharing ideas, brain-storming problems, and just generally disseminating specialized information, before it dies with us. We may not know exactly how the pyramids were built, but it would be nice to think that a couple of hundred years from now, it will be possible for someone to research exactly how that old table they just bought at a garage sale was built.

In the future I will be adding content below having to do with veneering and woodworking in general. Hope you find something of interest.

In the meantime, if you have any comments, questions or advice, please mail us at: comments_questions_or_advice@BWTribble.com.

We really would love to hear from you.

Barry & Carol Tribble